Nonsurgical care for your neruoma can reduce some of the pain and discomfort of walking on the inflamed nerve. Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, provides various types of nonsurgical care so you can avoid needing surgery for your painful nerve. To learn more about nonsurgical care for neuromas, call Kenneth Meisler, DPM, or schedule an appointment online today.

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What is nonsurgical care for neuromas?

Neuromas are a type of benign nerve tumor that can form on one of the nerves in your foot. If you get a neuroma, you might feel some discomfort such as the sensation of a pebble stuck in your shoe. The pain, tingling, and other symptoms are typically localized on the ball of your foot and between your toes.

In most cases, neuromas respond well to nonsurgical care. Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates uses these techniques:

Custom orthotics


Taping and padding are techniques that yoru provider might use together. By using a specific strategy to tape and pad your foot, you can avoid excess pressure or pain on the neuroma.


Cortisone injections are a type of anti-inflammatory treatment that can bring down swelling around a neuroma to ease pain and help with healing.

Oral medications

Oral anti-inflammatory medications might also make a positive difference by reducing inflammation around a neuroma in your foot.

All of these strategies can ultimately help you avoid the need for neuroma surgery.

How do I choose nonsurgical care for neuromas?

You can use nonsurgical treatments for neuromas together or separately depending on the severity of your neuroma. To decide which treatments can benefit you and to make sure a neuroma is causing your symptoms and not something else, Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates welcomes you to the office for a diagnostic consultation.

Your podiatrist presses on your foot in different areas as they search for a tender spot. To locate the neuroma, they might also use imaging tests such as an X-ray or ultrasound. They use the results of your imaging tests to determine which course of treatment is most appropriate for your neuroma.

How long does it take to get relief from nonsurgical care for neuromas?

Nonsurgical treatment for your neuroma might give the condition a chance to heal as it eases pressure from the tumor and reduces your symptoms. However, it can be difficult to predict just how effective and efficient a particular nonsurgical treatment is.

Your podiatrist at Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates monitors your progress as you go through treatment and makes sure you experience great results from your nonsurgical care plan.

For more information about nonsurgical care for neuromas, call Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates or book an appointment online today.