If you constantly feel like there’s a pebble in your shoe but nothing comes out when you remove your shoe, you might have a neuroma instead. Expert podiatrists at Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City evaluate your feet and can provide professional podiatric care to reduce your symptoms. Schedule your evaluation for a neuroma over the phone or online at Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates today.

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What is a neuroma?

A neuroma is a type of tumor that grows on a nerve in your foot. It’s benign, meaning it isn’t cancerous and won’t spread to other parts of your body. Still, a neuroma can be painful or cause burning and numbness between your toes and on the ball of your foot.

Some people experiencing a neuroma feel like something is stuck in their shoe under their foot while standing or walking around. Even though the neuroma makes it feel like you’re standing on some sort of lump, there is no visible lump or outward sign of the neuroma when you look at your foot.

If you experience any symptoms consistent with a neuroma, it’s time to visit Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates for an evaluation and to start exploring options for treatment.

How did I get a neuroma?

Experts aren’t entirely sure of the exact cause of a neuroma in your foot, but they’re aware of some common contributing factors. You might develop a neuroma in your foot because of:

  • High arches
  • A flat foot
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Tight or narrow footwear, including high-heeled shoes
  • Repeated stress on the foot

During your visit to Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates, your podiatrist helps you explore the possible causes of your neuroma and take steps to ease some of the pressure from it, such as changing your footwear.

How are neuromas treated?

There are several ways to treat a neuroma and ease its symptoms. In your personal life and at home, you should opt for shoes that give your feet plenty of space and support. You can also rest your feet and massage them to ease some of the symptoms of a neuroma.

Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates offers several clinical treatments for a neuroma. After diagnosing you, your podiatrist might recommend:

Custom orthotics

Custom orthotics support your feet and are made just for you. They can reduce neuroma symptoms and stop the condition from getting worse.


There are many ways of taping your feet, and some techniques specifically offer relief from neuroma symptoms.


Oral or injectable medications may bring down some of the inflammation around the neuroma, thus reducing the pain.

Rarely, surgery is an option for neuroma treatment. Neuroma surgery removes the enlarged and painful nerve from your foot.

For more information on neuromas and options for treatment, call Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates or book an appointment online today.